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How to make your followers on Instagram active

It’s useless if you have millions of followers in your Instagram account and you only got 10 likes for every picture that you post. Having real and active followers will help you promote your business, impress your friends and have some influence over the social media. However, making sure that they are always active to support and like your pictures is another story. Here are some tips that can help you in keeping your Instagram followers active.

Always make your account public

As much as possible, do not turn your Instagram account into a private one because users who will need to ask for your permission to follow you—chances are, they will eventually lose their interest and would start looking for another one. They should see some of your pictures in your newsfeed to impress them and make them follow you.

Follow other Instagram users

If you want them following you, you might as well follow them first. As much as possible, follow those people with fewer followers because there is a big possibility that they will follow you back as an expression of their gratitude. Do not follow those users who have millions of followers because they won’t even notice you followed them and they wouldn’t follow you back. Try using automatic Instagram likes for your Instagram.

Stand above the crowd

If you want to gain tons of followers, you have to be unique and creative. Think of something that will make your followers think that you are worth following. A good rule of the thumb is that you post creative and artistic photos rather than selfies because they would tend to follow you more. Do not post blurred and poor quality photos because they wouldn’t like to scroll down your newsfeed once more. Also, to call their attention, you could try to caption your photos with phrases such as “witty comment here” to encourage them to interact with you.

Always post on the right time

Normally, your photos will be present on their newsfeed for about 3 hours only, and it will be eventually covered up with other photos as well. For you to gain more likes, post photos at a time where there are about 2 hours before they tend to be active—usually about 6 pm. Make sure that it is the local time of your audience. If you tend to post at the right time, you can assure that you will get more exposure to your audience.

Always use hashtags

One way to gain more attention to your photos is using hashtags. For a user to find a certain photo, they tend to look for hashtags. No matter how irrelevant your hashtags are, as long as your photos are in high quality and well-taken, you will get followed instantly. You can also use the geotags too; there are people who are interested in seeing images and pictures that are captured on their location. Make use of the different tools and features of Instagram to gain followers and keep them active.

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