How to survive Google’s Unnatural Link Warning & Avoid Over-Optimization



As human needs oxygen for their life, website needs links for their life and usage. Google is a search engine where it has a huge database for each and every query for internet users. Links take you to the sites that matches your query. But just imagine when a link takes you to a site which is of no use to you and it is not appropriate as per your query placed in the search engine, this is Google’s Unnatural Link Warning. These links are created to direct unwanted traffic to site. There are experts who create such links whereas other professional do break such links and avoid the site from unwanted traffication.

Whether it’s advantageous or disadvatageous?

Though it is useful to the non-famous site as they increase the traffic to their site but its a damage to popular site as they loose their potential visitors. Few organizations make their business by placing unnatural link warning linked to new sites, thus given them popularity and increase their traffic. While on the other hand, Google users face problem as they are directed to the sites which is not the solution for their query. Thus we can say that unnatural link warnings are a mixed composition of benefit and damage to different kind of companies.

How to survive Google’s Unnatural Link Warning

First we have to decide in which category do we fall, are those unnatural link warnings benefiting our site or they damaging. If they are not harming our site than let them be there as they will be increasing the traffic only without any of our imitative. But if the ball goes on other side than we have to remove these warnings by taking few corrective measures for our sites. You can either spend a lot of time in removing the unnatural link warnings one by one or you can hire professionals for doing so, or you can also use that time on renewed link building efforts which will increase visitors on your site. Google keep on updating regarding the unnatural link warning links and aware you about the new techniques of delinking various sites which are the cause for creation of such false link. Webmaster must keep an eye on the additional links placed on other site directing visitors to their site as they may be an attempt by hackers or someone may be trying to use your material for their business or your opponents or rivals may be creating false impression on your potential customer by providing them false details about your organization.

How to avoid Over-optimisation

Google send updates to webmaster asking them to cut their traffic flow from various sites, which either in short or long term results in positional dropping with or without warnings, this reduces the traffic to the site. Over-optimization of sites may sometime lead to more negative effect than positive, for this reason proper steps to be taken to avoid over-optimization. People must take proper care about the Google recommendation for delinking sites, breaking the path, cutting unnatural links, though these steps do make site safer and reliable but the usage of site and number of visitors falls at a faster pace.

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