A Casestudy on Effects of Internet marketing



Computer and internet are considered to be the top most discoveries of the twentieth century.  Their progresses have been seen in the years after the discovery.  The number of internet users has been growing year after year. All the development in the world is taking place via the computer and with the help of the internet. It has also ensured that human life is made easy. Anyone can access internet, not just for the sake of information but also can book movie tickets, shop online, make travel plans, career counseling, horoscope, health advice etc. It is easy to count the number of benefits that you don’t get through internet. As a result it has become a healthy place for promotion of ones products too.

As the organizations grow they make sure that their technology is upgraded to the latest in the market, because the consumers always look for change.  With the advancement in technology, a click can give all the information. Hence, the organizations too, make all the possible ways of attracting consumers. Every organization has its own strategic decisions on how to attract the customers, based on consumers’ preferences. Hence marketing remains one of the major decisions any organization would take to sell their products. There are different types of marketing in which internet marketing plays a major role in a company’s success.

It is well known fact that the e commerce industry is growing at a rapid rate. As the internet users are growing fast1 in every country, the e commerce industry will also grow very fast. It is said that the global e- commerce industry will reach $1.4 in 20152 in China. Hence the retail players are looking for the most use of the potential market. Similar is the case in all the countries. People are looking for the best deals from their home, than going to shops. The holiday spending may rise by 15% in the years to come3. The effective use of the online market can hence help the companies in making the most profit out of the customers. But the companies should never neglect the fact that there are plenty of competitors around them. Hence they have to find the most innovative way of marketing in the internet.

There are different types of internet marketing. Few of them are display advertising, email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing and so on. Organizations are either using the existing techniques or finding new ways on the web to market their products. These techniques are always effective with one fact that there are numerous competitors doing the same thing. It is always better to find the most innovative path for marketing. The networking websites also play a major role in marketing. Competitions are conducted online to improve the popularity of their firm. A click by one is seen by another in face book and hence the number of visitors of that product keeps increasing. This is considered to be the motto of the firm.

While, we have noticed the advantages of internet marketing, there are a number of disadvantages for the consumers. Apart from the genuine online marketers, there are also spam marketers who try to fetch as much money from the innocent public as possible. Many may not have familiarity with terms like Pyramid marketing; Get rich quick scheme, Advanced Fee Fraud schemes that have been haunting the lives of many individuals and families. There are instances where people get fake job offers asking them to deposit an initial cash to confirm their job offer. People believe this because they would have registered in different job sites. Though the site advisors take immense steps to prevent these spams, the people fall prey to these attractive spams marketing, since it shows a short cut to success without any effort from our side. All we have to do is to deposit small cash in their account. First thing that people should notice is that, there is no shortcut to success rather than hard work and dedication. The spam marketing has not given a benefit to a single individual except the spammer.

Hence though there are a number of benefits of internet marketing it has its draw backs too. It is the duty of the consumers to be aware of the spam traps on the internet. Users always have to look the good things available on the internet and make the most use of it rather than falling to the traps. By avoiding all the spams internet marketing can be the most effective means of marketing and has the best growth prospect in the present and the future.

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